Oriol unraveled

I am a software engineer, statistician and physicist in the making.
I believe in interdisciplinary collaboration and open science.
Therefore, I contribute to open source software and try to publish my research as OSS packages.

I will try to use this blog to
promote open and reproducible research practices,
share open source software and talk about my projects and experiences.

Oriol unraveled

A well known Catalan saying goes: "Xerrar pels descosits". It means that somebody talks too much. "xerrar" is talking and a "descosit" refers to pieces of fabric that have come undone or been unraveled. I generally do not talk too much, in fact I tend to talk too little unless we are talking about topics such as statistics or programming. I hope this blog can be a place to unravel concepts on statistics, open source and programming, allowing me to "xerrar pels descosits" in blog version.

Get ready for some puns and let's dive in!

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LOO-PIT tutorial

Extend your posterior predictive checks with leave one out probability integral transform