About Me

I’m a physicist/engineer converted into a computational statistician. I love statistical data analysis, programming and data visualization. I am currently a doctoral researcher at Helsinki University working on AI assisted Bayesian workflow and contributing to open source. I am a core contributor of ArviZ a project for exploratory analysis of Bayesian models. In addition to probabilistic modeling, I also enjoy teaching and technical writing.

I think that the culture in scientific research needs deep changes towards a more collaborative, open and diverse model. I am interested in open science, reproducible research and science communication. I want to pursue a career in probabilistic modeling and statistical research with special emphasis on openness and reproducibility.

In my spare time, I like playing board games and going to the beach to do water activities. I have been sailing and snorkeling regularly since I was little and more recently I added kayaking to the mix too! I generally spend the summer at the Costa Brava. Here I leave you a sneak peak of the views when nobody is around


Open source libraries

Here are highlighted some open source projects I contribute to, check out my GitHub profile for a complete list of the projects I contribute to.

Projects and initiatives


Talks and conferences